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SOHO Cafe and Art Gallery We convert the most common types of tapes
Most likely your tapes are ones we convert
Your newly converted tapes will
be a cinch to watch on your
home entertainment center and
your home computer, too.

We will transfer one tape to one DVD. But, you can have more than one tape, up to 2 hours, on one DVD.
Keep in mind, only 2 hours fit on a DVD.

Adjust the volume of the audio. Can be adjusted down, up, or normalized. Some noise can also be filtered out.

Your DVD will have a main menu and chapters. Similar to movies you buy, you can search and find scenes from your video.

Adjust the color, contrast, and white balance. Most useful in old VHS tapes. (However, sometimes not all can be fixed)

Your DVD and case will be printed with your own personalized title for your video. You will also get a nice looking protective case for each DVD. Get easy order form here.

Stabilize shaky video. Most shaky video can be fixed. Some cropping of the edges is required to stabilize video.

There are other enhancements, options and ways your DVD can be customized. Let us know if you have something special in mind!

Add captions and title screens to your videos. People’s names, places, events, notes, explanations. Captions help you tell the story!

Now, enjoy! In addition to your DVD’s, you also get back your tapes. And, should you need a copy, we hold your files for 6 months.

Cut or  rearrange your video. We can arrange your video(s) in any order you need. You tell us where each clip is supposed to go.

Features included
with both types:

M-DISC 1000 Year DVD
Where’s the Fine Print?

The Millenniata M-DISC DVD is a superior DVD developed in Utah by Millenniata, Inc. 100% compatible to standard DVD’s, the M-DISC is an advancement in technology that has been independently laboratory tested and has also been field tested by the US Dept. of Defense.

Unlike standard recordable DVD media, the M-DISC can last several lifetimes (Up to 1000 years). Standard recordable DVD media, the same type of DVD’s used in our standard video transfer (and by my competitors) will generally last 7-10 years. And, until recently, standard recordable DVD’s were the only option available.

Standard recordable DVD’s use an organic dye medium to record the digital information. What makes the M-DISC unique is that the recordable medium is constructed of an inorganic layer that has a structure similar to obsidian. The data is actually etched onto the surface of the rock like layer. Once etched, it can’t be erased. Lab analysis of the data layer on M-DISC’s suggest that the etched surface would likely last ten-thousand years or longer. According to the analysis, the weakest part of the M-DISC is the plastic outside layer which is expected to last at least 1000 years.

To the best of my knowledge, no one else providing video tape to DVD service offers the M-DISC. The material cost of an M-DISC is about 9 times more than a standard DVD. If they didn’t cost so much more, I would only offer M-DISC & no standard DVD’s. I hope you see the value in the 1000 year M-DISC and choose it.  Millennium Video Transfer is truly the best of the two options!

Optional features,
enhancements, & upgrades
Made using Millenniata M-DISC 1000 Year DVD’s
Made using top quality Verbatim DVD’s BEST GOOD

1000 year life M-DISC DVD

Main Menu & Chapter Menus

Personalized DVD & Case

High Quality Video Transfer

Quality Verbatim DVD

Main Menu & Chapter Menus

Personalized DVD & Case

High Quality Video Transfer
99 $
99 $
Additional tape added to the same DVD, 9.99 per tape
Additional copies of Millennium DVD, $10 per DVD
Additional tape added to the same DVD, 9.99 per tape
Additional copies of Standard DVD, $5 per DVD

Also available: Video tapes converted to MPEG or AVI video files. MPEG video files, 19.99 per tape. AVI video files, 19.99 per tape. Your video files will be transferred to a portable hard drive, which you must supply or may purchase through Pictures to Digital.

The M-DISC data layer is constructed of a material that is similar to but not identical to obsidian.

(Image by: Ji-Elle (

Please remember, there is no guarantee that any media, no matter how robust, will last forever. (For example, if your DVD gets scratched by a toddler on the patio concrete, the disc is probably permanently ruined.) Pictures to Digital and its agent(s) cannot be held liable for losses either during or after using our services. The best practice you can follow is to make multiple copies of important media and store them in separate locations. (For example, make multiple copies and give a copy(s) to relative(s) or store copies in your safety deposit box.) Copyrighted content is protected by law. Thus, Pictures to Digital cannot copy, duplicate, convert, or transfer any copyrighted commercial movies or television programs. Customer’s materials submitted for services are considered private and confidential. (In other words, we do not share your video, film, or photos with anyone who isn’t directly connected with performing services for you, unless demanded by warrant from law enforcement.)

*The Fine Print