Photo Restoration: ONLINE

Some basic instructions:

  1. Photos should be JPEG (jpg), PNG or TIFF (tif) only.
  2. For JPEG files, do not choose high compression. If you are not sure, please email
  3. Photos should be scanned at 600 dpi to assure the best results.
  4. Photos scanned at less than 300 dpi might not be restorable.
  5. The file size cannot exceed 10Mb in the form below. Please email, if your file size is larger than 10Mb.
  6. If you need help scanning your picture, please email Make sure you include the size of your picture in inches (Width x Height) and the manufacturer and model of your scanner.
  7. If your original photo is larger than your scanner, please email for instructions on how to properly scan your image in multiple passes.  
Photo Restoration