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How many photos do you have scattered across the attic, basement, closets and in various other collections in your home? You are not alone as it is estimated that at least 500 billion photos exist in physical form today.

You probably already have come to the digital age with photos you take today. You may even already be one of the millions of people who take most of their photos on their phone.

But, what about your collections of photos that have never been digital? They're essentially trapped in the past and could become a thing of the past, as they deteriorate a little bit each day.

Digitizing your photos has never been more of a possibility than it is today. Now is the time to convert your photos to digital. Whether you do it yourself, or have Pictures to Digital scan your pictures, it has never been a better time.

Scan. We automatically choose the best resolution for your type of originals. You do not have to “know” what resolution works best. We also don’t make you choose between good, better or best. We always give you the best for your media type. And, If you need a specific resolution, just tell us.

Dust. If you have ever scanned your own images, you’ll know a common problem with scanning is the dust that your eye can’t see until the image is scanned. Through a series of steps, we eliminate dust from the final image.

Correct color. Color photographs, slides, and film consist of organic dyes that fade over time. Your photos may have become discolored due varying decay of the individual dyes. With computer software and a good eye, we correct discoloration in your pictures.

Correct contrast, lighting. Photos may be too dark or too light. Many factors can cause this type of deterioration including oxidation, exposure to light, disintegration of the paper backing, chemical breakdown, and acidification.

Red eye. A reflection off the retina in the eye causes red-eye in flash photography. Unless it is effective in a Halloween photo, red-eye can be annoying. We eliminate red-eye from your images using our own unique process, revealing very true to life eyes.

Rotate. We make sure your images are facing right side up for easy viewing on your computer or other devices. Commonly, when scanning photos yourself, you may have noticed that they don’t always face the right direction.

Crop. Along with making sure your images are straightened, we will also crop to the proper edge of the photo. In addition, we will “smart-fill” rounded corners, so the picture goes all the way to the corner.

Free disc. Once all of your images are scanned and edited, we burn them onto a disc, free! The images on the disc can be loaded on your computer, watched on your DVD player, used to make photo gifts, taken to a photo finishing lab to have prints made, or any other number of things.

What we’ll do:
What we scan & the cost

Loose photo scanning up to 8x10 69¢ each.
Photos larger than 8x10, price varies, please ask

Negative scanning: APS, 35mm, 110, or 126
99¢ per exposure

Standard home projection slide scanning: 35mm, 126, 110, 99¢ per exposure

Medium Format, 127, Brownie Film scanning: $3.99 per exposure

Disc film scanning: All 15 exposures, 24.99 (whole disc only)

OPTIONAL: M-DISC 1,000 year DVD. We recommend that you upgrade the disc your images are put on to an M-DISC. The M-DISC is a revolutionary DVD that can last a lifetime. (Up 1,000 years, actually) M-DISC is 100% compatible with DVD drives, the data cannot be erased, and it does not suffer degradation due to fading. (Such as with standard discs) Cost $5

Standard Scanning Services
Slide show on DVD

A slide show is a great way to share photos from an event or holiday, or remember a loved one.

A basic slide show starts at $19.99 when paired with scanning service.

Basic Slide Show. Our basic slide show can contain up to 200 photos. Includes music at no extra charge. Also included in the basic slide show is your choice of “floating” pictures or stationary pictures. In addition to a video you can play on your DVD player, each slide show DVD also contains a track of the images in JPEG format that can be printed on your computer or at a photo lab. $19.99 when combined with scanning;
OR, $39.99 with your supplied digital images.

More information about scanning

Why use a scanning service?

Sure, you are capable of scanning your own photos and likely your own slides, too. Scanners are for sale at many local stores. It is easy to buy a scanner, but how easy is it to scan your photos and slides?

Scanning your own pictures can be a huge, time consuming project.

You should also consider more than the time involved just scanning your pictures. Images straight out of the scanner often aren’t really done yet.

Easier than do-it-yourself

If you have ever scanned pictures, slides or film, you are probably already aware that once a photo is scanned by the scanner, its really not done.

Your pictures will have dust on them, the color might not be right, and the picture might be upside down or reversed, and there are annoying black or white edges that aren’t in the original, so you will still need to edit them to make them look nice!

More than just scanning

Pictures to Digital is a cost effective service that takes out the hard work. We scan your photos, slides, and negatives and fix all the annoying problems that can come up while scanning!

Image editing included with our scanning service.

We take out the dust & minor scratches, fix the color & contrast, make sure the picture is right-side-up & not reversed, and what you get are pictures that usually look like they could have been taken on a digital camera!

Less time consuming

Consider how long it will take to scan your own pictures. How much of your free time are you willing to dedicate to scanning your family’s priceless photo collection? If you have more going on in life than picture scanning, then when will you squeeze in the time it takes?

Depending on how many pictures, slides and negatives you have, it could take months or years to do it yourself in your free time.

When you have Pictures to Digital do all the hard work, you just drop off or ship in your pictures and in a few days to a few weeks its all done! You’ll have great looking pictures and have the time to enjoy the rest of your life!

I lost my pictures but still have my negatives.

Disasters happen and sometimes things just get lost. If you still have the negatives, you haven’t really lost your pictures!

While most photo labs have almost completely dropped film service, we have not.

You can count on Pictures to Digital to help you restore a photo collection from the negatives. And, we handle virtually all types of negatives and film.

Have some “weird” film that you need scanned?

We are proud to offer one of the widest selections of film scanning capability anywhere.  

We handle virtually every type of film and transparency devised. What’s more is that we can even handle “problem” film such as film that is all curled up.

Give us a call, most likely we can help! 317-607-4984

Protecting your materials

All scanning is done manually, without the aid of automated machines. In addition, while handling your materials we wear protective white cotton gloves to keep skin acids and oils from contributing to the deterioration of your original materials.

Wearing cotton gloves not only protects the materials, but also prevents finger prints from affecting the results of scanning.

“Insurance” for your memories.

You insure your home, automobile and other assets and insurance can pay to replace those things. But, insurance and no amount of money can actually replace your pictures.

The way to protect your photos, slides and negatives from loss due to fire or other disaster is to plan ahead.

With Pictures to Digital, you can create an archive of all your pictures. You can protect those pictures very easily and in a variety of ways once they are made digital. You can store copies on DVD in a fire safe box, in a safe deposit box, spread copies to family, upload to a cloud drive online, or a number of other ways.